AV Wall Interesting Facts

Interesting Wall Facts

As of May 30, 2016: There are 58,315 names on The Wall

  1. Vietnam Era: 1 Nov 1955 – 15 May 1975 (by Congress in 1999)
  2. There are 8 Females on the Wall all Nurses, 7 Army (1 KIA), 1 Air Force (7,484 Military women served in Vietnam, 6,250 were nurses.)
  3. There are 40 sets of Brothers on the Wall and 1 set of Step-Brothers
    1. Brothers Charles and Philip Tank were both killed in Vietnam. Charles on April 19, 1969 Philip on September 12, 1968.
    2. Brothers Kenneth and Paul Olenzuk were both killed in Vietnam. Kenneth on December 25, 1967 and Paul on August 10, 1968
    3. Brothers Marlin and Norman Eversgerd were both killed in Vietnam. Marlin on March 19, 1967 and Norman on August 18, 1968
    4. Brothers Bennett and Dennis Herrick were both killed in Vietnam. Bennett on March 25, 1968 and Dennis on August 02, 1970
    5. Brothers Gabriel and Paul Trujillo were both killed in Vietnam. Gabriel on February 23, 1971 and Paul on November 04, 1971
    6. Brothers Benjamin and Francisco Montano were both killed in Vietnam. Francisco on April 08, 1967 and Benjamin on May 15, 1969
    7. Brothers James and John Rowden were both killed in Vietnam. James on March 05, 1966 and John on February 10, 1968
    8. Brothers Michael and William Francis were both killed in Vietnam. Michael on September 30, 1967 and William on March 09, 1970
    9. Brothers Robert and Steven Gaftunik were both killed in Vietnam. Robert on August 25, 1969 and Steven on March 27, 1968
    10. Brothers Rudy and Stanley Sagon were both killed in Vietnam. Rudy on December 10, 1965 and Stanley on May 20, 1966
    11. Brothers Robert and Phillip Wyatt were both killed in Vietnam. Robert on July 10, 1967 and Phillip on May 28, 1968
    12. Brothers Samuel and William Nixon were both killed in Vietnam. Samuel on March 21, 1968 and William on May 8, 1968
    13. Brothers Kirby and Lanny Hamby were both killed in Vietnam. Kirby on June 8, 1968 and Lanny on October 14, 1969
    14. Brothers John and David Banks were both killed in Vietnam. John on March 28, 1966 and David on April 21, 1969
    15. Brothers George and James Wright were both killed in Vietnam. George on May 21, 1967 and James on May 31, 1969
    16. Brothers Donald and Cordis White were both killed in Vietnam. Donald on March 5, 1967 and Cordis on September 18, 1969
    17. Brothers Clyde and Edward Withee were both killed in Vietnam. Clyde on February 5, 1966 and Edward on October 6, 1970
    18. Brothers Richard and Larry Land were both killed in Vietnam. Richard on May 18, 1967 and Larry on March 28, 1971
    19. Brothers Robert and Harold Musselman were both killed in Vietnam. Robert on October 25, 1967 and Harold on March 3, 1969
    20. Brothers David and Otis Morgan were both killed in Vietnam. David on January 20, 1969 and Otis on January 28, 1970
    21. Brothers John and Dana Jensen were both killed in Vietnam. John on August 27, 1967 and Dana on April 17, 1969
    22. Brothers Stephen and Stanley Barrett were both killed in Vietnam. Stephen on January 25, 1968 and Stanley on October 3, 1970
    23. Brothers Steven and Randy Mathias were both killed in Vietnam. Steven on July 2, 1967 and Randy on June 18, 1968
    24. Brothers Roger and Stanley Herrell were both killed in Vietnam. Stanley on November 1, 1968 and Roger on July 29, 1969
    25. Brothers James and Kenneth Stutes were both killed in Vietnam. James on June 6, 1970 and Kenneth on July 5, 1967
    26. Brothers Lane and Joseph Hargrove were both killed in Vietnam. Lane on April 21, 1968 and Joseph on May 15, 1975
    27. Brothers Edmund and Michael Travis were both killed in Vietnam. Edmund on June 27, 1967 and Michael on June 7, 1968
    28. Brothers David and Norman Evans were both killed in Vietnam. David on October 24, 1968 and Norman on November 24, 1970
    29. Brothers Juan and Arthur Garcia were both killed in Vietnam. Juan on Nov 20, 1967 and Arthur on February 7, 1970
    30. Brothers David and John Greeson were both killed in Vietnam. David on Nov 7, 1969 and John on July 22, 1968
    31. Brothers Leonard and Byron McQuinn were both killed in Vietnam. Leonard on Sept 5, 1966 and Byron on Feb 24, 1969
    32. Brothers Rodrick and Garland Whalen were both killed in Vietnam. Rodrick on October 1, 1966 and Garland on January 31, 1969
    33. Brothers Marvin and Darwin Gordon were both killed in Vietnam. Marvin on September 17, 1967 and Darwin on March 24, 1968
    34. Brothers Charles and Clifford Johnson were both killed in Vietnam. Charles on February 8, 1968 and Clifford on December 26, 1970
    35. Brothers Budd and Charles Hood were both killed in Vietnam. Budd on February 28, 1967 and Charles on August 12, 1969
    36. Brothers Wayne and Fred Traylor were both killed in Vietnam. Wayne on May 11, 1966 and Fred on June 12, 1969
    37. Brothers Ronald and Thomas Kustaborder were both killed in Vietnam. Ronald on Feb 25, 1968 and Thomas on Feb 14, 1969
    38. Brothers John and Harold Ritch were both killed in Vietnam. John on Nov 10, 1968 and Harold on Nov 12, 1971
    39. Brothers Ronald and Edward Keglovits were both killed in Vietnam. Ronald on Aug 26, 1967 and Edward on Mar 30, 1967
    40. Brothers David Whittier and Merwin Lamphrey Morrill were both killed in Vietnam. David on Mar 18, 1967 and Merwin on Aug 21, 1967
  4. One set of Step-Brothers on the Wall
    1. Richard Earl Sipes and Raymond Omer Kincannon were step brothers and raised together in Chula Vista, CA. They were both killed in Vietnam. Richard on Dec 29, 1966 and Raymond on April 1, 1968
  5. There are 4 Fathers/Sons on the Wall – Including Richard B. Fitzgibbon III (02E, 077)         7-Sept-65 and Richard B Fitzgibbon Jr (52E, 021), 8-Jun-56
  6. There are 16 Chaplains on the Wall, 7 Catholic (2 Medal of Honor Recipients – MoH),  2 Jewish, 7 Protestant
  7. There are 10 Nurses on the Wall; 8 Female, 2 Male
  8. There are 8 Coast Guard on the Wall
  9. There are 21 different Countries represented on the Wall
  10. There are 57 Canadians on the Wall
  11. Earliest to Die – Richard B Fitzgibbon Jr (52E, 021), 8-Jun-56
  12. First Name on Panel 1E – Dale Richard Buis (01E, 001), 8-Jul-59
  13. There are 13 Flag Officers on the Wall
    1. BGen (O-7) – 6
    2. MGen (O-8) – 6
    3. RAdm (O-7/8) – 1
  14. Highest Casualty Day – 31-Jan-68, 246
  15. Highest Casualty Month – May-68, 2,416
  16. Highest Casualty Year – 1968, 16,916
  17. 997 were killed on their 1st day in Vietnam
  18. Shortest Tour – Leslie Gene King (02E, 047), 01-Aug-65, 4 Hrs
  19. 1,443 were killed on their day of departure from Vietnam
  20. There are 76 Names on the Wall with ties to the Antelope Valley.
  21. Last Name on Panel 1W – Richard Vandegeer (01W, 132), 15-May-75 (Mayaguez)
  22. Last to Die, Air – William C Nystul (01W, 124) and Michael J Shea (01W, 124), 29-Apr-75 (Helicopter, So. China Sea)
  23. Last to Die, Inco – Darwin L Judge (01W, 124) and Charles Mc Mahon Jr (01W, 124), 29-Apr-75 (Rocket, Ton Sun Not)
  24. Last to Die, War – Gary L Hall (01W, 130), Joseph N Hargrove (01W, 130) and Danny G Marshall (01W, 131), 15-May-75 (Mayaguez)
  25. Last to Die, Woman– Mary T Klinker (01W, 122), 4-Apr-75 (1st Operation Baby-lift flight)
  26. MoH – 159, Total for Vietnam 259
    1. Army – 104
    2. Marine – 44
    3. Navy – 6
    4. Air Force – 5
  27. One MoH Recipent, Charles James “Charlie” Liteky, formerly known as Angelo Liteky renounced his Medal in 1986. He was a Catholic Chaplain, but later renounced his priesthood and became a social activist.
  28. Names added since 1982 – 376 (as of 2016)
  29. Names of ‘living’ on Wall – 35 (Originally at time of engraving)
  30. Native Americans – 226
  31. Most interesting Native American Name: Frank W JEALOUS-OF-HIM: Panel 22W, Line 2
  32. Oldest on Memorial – Frank Luther Huddleston (16E, 109), 12-Aug-02, 68 yrs old (added in 2003)
  33. Oldest to Die (Inco) – Kenna Clyde Taylor (07W, 082), 21-Sep-70, 62 yrs old
  34. Youngest – Dan Bullock (23W, 096), 7-Jun-69, 15.5 years old, Born: 21-Dec-53
  35. 13 Soldiers on the Wall were 17 years old.
  36. 3,136 Soldiers on the Wall were 18 years old.
  37. 8,341 Soldiers on the Wall were 19 years old.
  38. 40,353 Soldiers on the Wall were under 22 years old.
  39. Top Five Most Common Names
    1. Smith – 662
    2. Johnson – 525
    3. Williams – 402
    4. Brown – 381
    5. Jones – 346
  40. Unknown Soldier – Michael Joseph Blassie (01W, 023), 11-May-72, Interred as Unknown in 1984, reburied 11-Jul-98 in St. Louis, MO
  41. There are no remains in the Vietnam Tomb for the Unknown Soldier
  42. 234 KIA Battle of the Ia Drang Valley: 14/18-Nov-65; Panel 3W, Line 48-100
  43. 135 Died USS Forrestal Fire: 29-Jul-67; Panel 34E, Line 13-47
  44. 44 Died USS Oriskany Fire: 26-Oct-66; Panel 11E, Line 106-117
  45. 41 KIA (3 MIA) SS Mayaguez Rescue: 13/15-May-75; Panel 1W, Line 124-132
  46. 23 KIA USS Westchester County 2 limpet mines attached to hull: 1-Nov-68; Panel 39W, Line 1-5 & Panel 40W, Line 71-77
  47. 20 Died USS Newport News Gun Turret #2 Explosion: 1-Oct-72; Panel 1W, Line 76-80
  48. 5 KIA US Embassy Attack, Tet 1968: 31-Jan-68; Panel 36E, Line 5,24,33,39
  49. Interesting Names on the Wall:
    3. RAFAEL CRUZ-CRUZ Panel 32W, Line 11
    4. JACKIE FRANKENSTEIN Panel 59W, Line 2
    5. ARNOLD GARZA GARZA Panel 12W, Line 48
    6. GARY G GRAY Panel 19W, Line 119
    7. HOOD H HUNT Panel 43E,  Line 23
    9. JIMMIE JOE JETT Panel 34E, Line 63
    10. JIMMIE JACK JONES Jr. Panel 13W, Line 92
    11. RONALD I Mc DONALD Panel 11W, Line 3
    12. FRANCIS B MIDNIGHT Panel 25E, Line 34
    13. ARTHUR JOHN RAMBO Panel 16W, Line 126
    14. ROY R ROGERS Panel 8E, Line 116
    15. ROY J ROGERS Panel 13W, Line 55
    16. GARY L SARGENT Panel 10E, Line 2
    17. KENNETH E SARGENT Panel 3E, Line 104
    18. SIM S STEVERSON Panel 31E, Line 89
    19. GREEN THOMAS Panel 10W, Line 117
    20. FELIX F F LEYVA-PARRA-FRIAS Panel 17E, Line 125
    21. ABRAHAM TRUJILLO-TRUJILLO Panel 36W, Line 24
    22. JUAN P VALDEZ Panel 49E, Line 48 
    23. GEORGE R WASHINGTON Panel 35E, Line 36
  50. Larry E Smith and Larry E Smith are next to each other on Panel 14E, Line 109
  51. There are five (5) Smith’s in a row on Panel 38E, Line 14
  52. Billie J Williams and Billie J Williams are next to each other on Panel 1W, Line 94; there is a Billy Joe Williams on Panel 11W, Line 119
  53. 137 Lines and approximately 700 names on the tallest panels
  54. Panel 1E covers period from 8-Jul 1959 thru 6-June 1965; Panel 1W covers 15-Apr 1972 thru 15-May 1975
  55. Angle of walls: 125 degrees, 12 minutes
  56. 9 years covered on 1E and 1W. Other 7 years – 138 Panels
  57. 1968 alone requires 72 of 140 panels – first 37E and last 35W
  58. Panel 70E ends with Jesse Alba – alphabetically the first casualty on 25-May 1968. Panel 70W begins with John Anderson 25-May 1968
  59. 3 Servicemen Statue, sculpted by Frederick Hart, local DC artist (deceased). Dedicated Veterans Day 1984. Weapons – M-60, 45, and M-16
  60. Spare Black Granite Panels are stored at Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia. They are blank
  61. Wall temperature recorded at 1430 hrs on 25-Aus 2407: 150 degrees
  62. Granite is from Bangalore, India, and was used because of its deep color and consistency. 5 ft. panel weighs approximately 900 pounds
  63. The Wall represents a ‘cut’ or ‘gash’, in the earth , as 2l-year old Maya Lin envisioned the field being peeled back to reveal the open wound that was Vietnam and our loss. Black represents earth, granite a permanent separation of the living and the dead, polished granite reflects the images of the living in the lives of those who died for our freedom. The names would tell the story of a ‘Journey’ and that Vets could come back to their own place in the ‘Journey’. The ‘first’ and the ‘last’ meet at the apex of the Memorial – Closure. Didn’t want The Wall to look like a telephone book. Approximately $9 million raised for the Memorial. All funds were from private contributions.
  64. The grassy area in front of The Wall and on the top of the memorial are supposed to represent ‘healing’… as grass would grow right up to The Wall. (Sidewalk added, but at opening ceremonies there was grass between Wall and sidewalk. Maya Lin noted that the pain of loss heals over time (the grass), but never truly goes away (the Wall itself). The panels read like pages in a book – left column justified on the East panels, right column justified on the western panels – artistically like an open book. The names, as they write the history of the war – like a diary – day by day, become the monument itself. The names are alphabetical by last name on days with more than 1 casualty.
  65. Maya was a Yale undergraduate majoring in architecture. She received a B+ on the project when submitted at school. 1,421 entries in total were submitted in the 1980-81 contest and the winner selected by a panel of 8 internationally recognized landscape architects (3), sculptors (3), and architects (2). No Vietnam Vets on the panel of judges.
  66. Maya was born in Athens, OH. Her parents (both university professors) had fled China – and became professors at Ohio University in Athens, OH.
  67. Vietnam Womèn’s Memorial, Dedicated 11-Nov1993, Sculpture by Glenna Goodacre of Santa Fe, NM. Goodacre also designed US Silver Dollar issued in 2000 with image of Sacajawea – Native American who aided Lewis & Clark. Also statue of Ronald Reagan at Reagan Library in CA.
  68. 59 US Civilian women died in Vietnam – 37 of them in plane crash with Mary Klinker. No civilians ‘officially’ listed on the Wall – but 1 listed by mistake.
  69. Goodacre left open to interpretation the meaning of the 3 uniformed women at the Women’s Memorial. But some suggest they represent ‘Hope’, ‘Despair’ and ‘Compassion’. There are 8 trees planted around memorial in honor of the 8 military women who died. Goodacre said that in her mind the soldier does NOT die.
  70. ‘In Memory Day’, scheduled for Father’s Day, Sunday, 20-June 2015 – honors those men and women who died as a result of their service in Southeast Asia whose names were not eligible to be added to The Wall. Christmas Tree Ceremony; Sunday; 13-Dec 2015 at 1100 hours – hosted by the Volunteers.
  71. ‘In Memory’ Plaque dedicated 10-Nov 2004. 24 x 36 inches, black granite. Authorized by Congress April 2000.
  72. All of the names on The Wall were read aloud – in chronological order – during dedication, on 10th (1992), 20th (2002), 25th (2007) and 30th (2012) anniversaries.
  73. The Wall is 246 feet 9 inches long in both East and West directions. 10 feet, 6 inches tall at apex. There are 148 Panels… 140 numbered, 4 blank at 2 at each end.
  74. Name additions, spelling corrections and MIA to ‘Declared Dead’ status done by James Lee of ‘Engrave Write’ of Colorado – generally done in May of each year.
  75. A diamond is ‘declared/presumed dead’- either KIA or death from other causes (approximately 10, 800) Nearly 900 men ‘declared dead’ on The Wall are ‘Body Not Recovered’. Some groups consider these men still ‘missing’. DOD says 1,598 military ‘unaccounted for’ in April 2015. The Wall shows 728 ‘status unknown’.
  76. A Good example of a name addition for visitors is Billy Smith on Panel 1E Line 42. He was seriously wounded 8-Nov 1963 and died 7-Oct 1995. He was added prior to Memorial Day 1999 – and was placed as close to those men he served with in 1963 as possible. Note lighter color/less weathering.
  77. 376 names added since 1982 – 110 added in 1986 – most were airmen flying combat missions from Thailand, but President Reagan ruled them eligible. 68 added in l983 – most were Marines killed in a plane crash in Hong Kong on R & R. The other 198 were mostly men who were left off for various reasons or died after The Wall was dedicated from combat wounds. Alan Brudno (5E, Line2) – was a suicide here in the States. Brudno had been a POW from 18-Oct 1965 thru 28-Mar 1973 (7.5 years)
  78. Estimated – 35 men were mistakenly listed on The Wall at dedication that were still alive. These names are not listed in the directories, but are in the total count.
  79. Memorabilia left at The Wall is stored in a climate-controlled warehouse in Landover, MD, managed by Park Service. Flowers and perishable food are not kept. Over 400,000 items are cataloged. Some items are on display at ‘The Price of Freedom’ in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.
  80. sdit.org (Sons and Daughters in Touch) – organization for children of men who are listed on The Wall. (Org is not limited to Vietnam)
  81. The Flag Base contains the emblems of all 5 branches of service including Coast Guard. The Flag Base at WWII Memorial has 6 – including Merchant Marines.
  82. 2003 Law requires the POW Flag to fly at all National Military Memorials – including Korea, WWII, and Vietnam and National Military Cemeteries.
  83. The names of Maya Lin, Jan Scruggs, 1982 members of the VVMF Board, Advisors and architect Cooper-Lecky are engraved on the top, back side of the Memorial.
  84. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund founded 27-April 1979 by a group of Vietnam Veterans led by Jan Scruggs.
  85. “Carved on these walls is the story of America , of a continuing quest to preserve both Democracy and decency, and to protect a national treasure that we call the American dream.” -President George Bush
  86. SOMETHING to think about – Most of the surviving Parents are now Deceased.
  87. Beallsville, OH with a population of 475 lost 6 of her sons.
  88. West Virginia had the highest casualty rate per capita in the nation. There are 727 West Virginians on the Wall.
  89. The Marines of Morenci – They led some of the scrappiest high school football and basketball teams that the little Arizona copper town of Morenci (pop. 5,058) had ever known and cheered. They enjoyed roaring beer busts. In quieter moments, they rode horses along the Coronado Trail, stalked deer in the Apache National Forest. And in the patriotic camaraderie typical of Morenci’s mining families, the nine graduates of Morenci High enlisted as a group in the Marine Corps. Their service began on Independence Day, 1966. Only 3 returned home.
  90. The Buddies of Midvale – LeRoy Tafoya, Jimmy Martinez, Tom Gonzales were all boyhood friends and lived on three consecutive streets in Midvale, UT on Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Avenues. They lived only a few yards apart. They played ball at the adjacent sandlot ball field. And they all went to Vietnam. In a span of 16 dark days in late 1967, all three would be kilted. LeRoy was killed on Wednesday, Nov, 22, the fourth anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Jimmy died less than 24 hours later on Thanksgiving Day. Tom was shot dead assaulting the enemy on Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.